Saturday, September 10, 2011


~Well in the wake of another dull spring morning I thought I would vomit colour onto my blog with a few pictures I took of my splendid friend Luke. I adore those days spent doing nothing but sitting on the ground staring into space, there is no pressure to speak, think or move; only to feel the dull rays of sunlight. I really like those days. 

The week has felt like a rush of overwhelming events yet nothing monumental or life changing has happened. My head has been switched onto a channel of constant study and the mind numbing static noise of equations; drilling itself further and further into my day...and now I really want to turn everything off. This simple task of revision has constantly drained me but also made me feel two conflicting emotions;
a. That it is very important to be doing revision, and a task that I need to complete in order to gain the rewards. 
b. That I am really, actually doing nothing, and the time period should be done doing something constructive and  fulfilling. 
And so on most days I spend my time conflicted about the method by which I spend my few precious hours and get a shock upon realizing that I have wasted numerous minutes, trillions of seconds, lifetimes for some creatures, merely thinking about how to spend time. And so now I really wish my trembling hands could reach those days where I would waste time sitting in Newtown cemetery and taking pictures from every angle.

Back to the actual images; I thought I would experiment with external colouring of film photos, so I soaked these in my special dye mixture and swirled patterns till my hands were tinted with pinks and blues. I spent so many hours in the darkroom that I think my lungs are soaked in developing agents, silver nitrate based chemicals, hydrocabrons, phosphites, bromides, all kinds of toxic delights. 

I am quite pleased with the psychedelic mixtures that came to form, but feel like I lacked involvement with the actual process. Next time, I think the whole colouring will be more controlled and patterned so I can feel like I actually did something. Back to swimming in possibly toxic dyes!

Zsuzs x


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