Friday, September 9, 2011

-Timid Hello-

I am Zsuzs. I like the taste of air at 3am. I like to wander in supermarkets full of life and direction. I like meat packages and price tag descriptions. I like to watch girl on girl action at 4am. I would like the riot grrr movement to breathe into this decade. I like collecting the skeletal shells of insects and barnacle flakes. I like meat on my flesh not on my plate. I like to dislike. I like to run to nowhere and from nothing and to no one. I like low key factory gigs with fresh smoke to choke on. I like sashimi and Androgynous Japanese boys with clean white socks. I like over the top, kitsch/novelty clothing. I like stickers on my face, in my hair, on everything. I like 90's videos and images that are overly contrasted, and have peculiar hues. I like veins under water and peculiar cuts/ bruises that must have cost a fortune. I like bosoms. I like groupies and fallen idols. I like to read about tragic lives and suicides. I like to read newspaper obituaries. I like to watch flowers decay. I like to write poetry on toilet paper rolls and play on distorted, out of tune guitars. I like fullstops. I like 1969. I like to read about pharmaceuticals and research distant tribes. I like to collect mushrooms. I like to develop photos and inhale silver based chemicals. I like Soviet architecture/buildings. I like communist fashion. I like second-hand books. I like polly pocket. I like liking things.

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