Sunday, September 11, 2011



статического воскресенье

Those Sunday nights filled with static noises in the background, your radio playing a sweet tune and the low lights of a faulty 90's desk-lamp; peeling paint and all. I wanted to create a mixtape to kind of try to capture that mood. I am having one of those typical sunday nights filled with plenty of ceiling staring, strumming of a few strings and piles of paper on your bedsheets. The night sky is too much of a stranger, so is the weather- it is one of those nights where everything seems still; unusual and sinister.
I can hear the kitchen appliances scream outside, but they are pleasantly being blocked out. My mind feels like it is wrapped in cottonwool when I listen to these tracks, sweet dull cottonwool. It also makes me think of the small bedroom I slept in during my visit to Prague.

My next post will be about bedrooms and my fascination with them. I always felt curious about the bedrooms of different people I had met or even strangers. They are so intimate even if it is just a room for visitors. They can hold and share so many stories; from the people that have slept together in them, the leftover reminders kept on the shelves or the posters on the wall. Our bedrooms are skins, clothing our inner thoughts, opinions, ideas- and we decorate them accordingly. They reveal our priorities; whether we have time to decorate them or not, or interests, our cleanliness , our state of mind, our memories. Everytime I walk into my own room I am overcome with memories of the people I have lay next to on my bed, late night flicks I had watched, the pillows I cried on for hours, the discoveries I made staring into space, the promises, the noises- everything, memories of everything and anything.

Well this mixtape is sending me to sleep.
x Zsuzs

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  1. I agree - bedrooms are so fascinating. My childhood bedroom is as I left it in my parent's house, and I am swamped with memories every time I step in there. Bedrooms can be such an expression of individuality. Sometimes obnoxiously so. I've walked into rooms that just scream "THIS IS WHO I AM. TAKE A LOOK." But often it's the subtler ones that are most interesting. You should post photos of your room to go with your next post.

    And thanks for the comment on my blog :)